10/13: PTA Meeting Tonight!

PTA meeting tonight at 6:30pm in the Library. We’re introducing monthly forums at tonight’s meeting. Tonight’s topic is lice and lice treatment.

Have you dealt with lice in your home? Are you tired of repeat events? Do you want to learn more about lice prevention and treatment? Come and learn more about how to prevent lice, how lice mature, how lice transmits and how to treat it effectively from Kathy Wingate of Hair Bears Lice Treatment Salon. We’ll treat this subject seriously, but with a little humor.

Please click here for the agenda

Tigerfest 2016!


Tigerfest is right around the corner- October 30th to be exact! Look for the flyer in student folders this week.

This fun, family friendly event can not be possible without your help! Parents, Aunts, Uncles OR Grandparents are ALL welcome to volunteer!!

How can YOU help????

  • Sign up to volunteer online here
  • Donate Candy, Small Prizes, Stickers, Pencils or Small Snacks!- Drop any donation items in the large “CANDY” bucket near the front office.
  • Buy tickets ahead of time! On the blacktop before school Oct 19-21, 26-28 or online

Stay tuned for more exciting information coming soon for Tigerfest 2016!!

Pre-pay tickets are available at 33% discount online from now until October 30th.Pre-pay tickets will be available on the blacktop during dropoff on October 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28Can’t wait to see you there!