Vegetable Garden

Proctor Terrace has a beautiful garden
thanks to our wonderful Garden Coordinator, Victoria Bigelow.
Victoria coordinates the activities of 14 classes which come to the garden each week to learn about gardening first hand.
The garden is alive with activity as students work together to plant seeds, watch them germinate and grow, and even weed!  Working in the garden  allows students to see how everything in the garden is connected, from a ladybug landing on a leaf, to an earthworm burrowing through the soil.  In the garden the students have the opportunity to discover what makes the garden grow, and see the fruits of their labor come time for farmers market.
The students at Proctor Terrace are an integral part of the sucess of the garden; some of the activites they participate in include:
  • Sowing seeds in raised beds as well as containers for starts
  • Transplanting
  • Building raised beds with broken concrete, bricks rocks and making paths in raised beds
  • Building fairy houses – encourages sharing and working together
  • Planting bulbs
  • Learning how to use tools effectively and safely such as:  lopers, clippers, rakes, hoes, shovels, and saws to name a few
  • Watering and fertilizing;
  • Picking and tasting what’s growing

…and harvesting crops and setting up for the farmer’s market.


Many of the classes have an opportunity once a week to particapte in garden time, weather permitting.   Parents ask your children what they have been doing in the garden!

If you are interested in helping parents can volunteer in their child’s class or come out any time to work in the garden.  Other ways parents can help:

  1. 4″ nursery containers or other 16 oz. or larger plastic yogurt, sour cream, or other types of containers.
  2. Bags for the farmer’s market.
  3. New or used (in good working condition) wheelbarrows.
  4. Shovels, small and large
  5. Hula hoes.
  6. Donation to the PTA garden fund.

People can contact Victoria at or 478-7757.

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